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Green roofs designed and installed in Surrey

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly roofing solution for your home, business or school? Green roofing is increasing in popularity with its aesthetic appeal, low maintenance and functionality. Green roofs are also long lasting and greatly reduce water runoff into overloaded drainage systems.


Flame Construction Ltd provides this beautifully functional, natural roofing option and you can get all the information you need upon contact.

How else can you benefit from green roofing?

Modern green roofs can last up to half a century if installed correctly and require very little upkeep. The plants on your rooftop with do you a natural service by capturing pollutants. Your building will also bring some natural beauty into an urban environment and make your business more attractive.


Want to save on heating bills?

Did you know that green roofing creates a natural insulation for your roof, which can reduce energy bills?

Start saving with natural roofing

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Improve the environmental appearance of new buildings, schools and colleges with green roofing

green roof with plants and moss